Friday, March 23, 2012

Going Beyond Houdini Slideshow

Hey all,
Having amazing summer weather here in New England in March.  Go figure. Things are heating up ofr shows too.  Did a show at a the Griffin Museum on Sunday for an amazing photographer Meg Birnbaum.  I am one of her subjects in her newest exhibit person/persona.  It is getting rave reviews and it was some much fun to do a talk and perform at the Griffin Museum. My agent MacKay Entertainment is hard at work doing bookings for me this summer.  I am also really excited to be performing in Orlando in August right outside of Disney World at Mer-Palooza The Mermaid Event of the year.  I will be doing a death defying underwater escape and am in training now to hopefully be successful.  More about that one in one of my next postings.

Here is a short slideshow of some of my escapes. You get to see pics of my Underwater Leap of Faith (where I am restrained in more than twice what Houdini was in his leaps).  I also show pics of my Extreme Strait Jacket (where I set a world record getting out of a regulation strait jacket secured with 50 feet of 1/4 inch chain and 10 padlocks in 2 mins 37 secs on national tv). You see pics of an escape I call Airless (chained up with tons of chain wrapping my arms around my body like a strait jacket but all in steel chains and 9 padlocksbut the kicker is my head is wrapped in plastic wrap so I cannot breathe.  Kind of an escape or suffocate kinda thing.  Very intense.)  Last but certainly not least I show my combo Milk Can/Water Torture Cell that I call The Underwater Cell (UC) done in bullet proof  tank in full view -no curtain).  Check it out and leave a comment.

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