Saturday, November 5, 2011

Training Days

Ok so I should know when you get invited to perform for the Original Houdini Seance on October 31 and you decide to do a water escape, you might have to deal with cold right but snow?  Hey, I know training in New England to expect anything but snow before Halloween?  Really?  So here I am going over prep for the show and I wake up snow.  Three inches of the white stuff. I really had no choice.  I had to go in and practice.  Why?   Few things in life are truly life or death but being  locked and shackled underwater is.  I work with the shackles and locks as much as possible to try and limit any mistakes.  Now that said things happen.  Locks jam so I have to prepare all the time or the unthinkable can happen.  So there I was Sunday morning, while all the other wives and moms were making coffee or getting a little extra sleep, I was literally getting "tanked".  What a bad mom (lol).  

More next time on the Houdini Seance escape and catching up on this amazing year.  As always spread the work about me as I would love to do a show for you.
Extremely Yours
The Queen of Extreme and a "Moderrn Day Houdini"